Individual Squash / Racketball Coaching

Are you new to the game and need some help on general tactics and technique?

Have you been playing for a while and have reached a plateau?

Are you looking to progress and play for your club teams?

Are you an aspiring junior looking to improve?

Did you know?

  • Correcting faulty techniques takes 3000 repetitions to correct as opposed to 1000 when learning a new skill.
  • Investing in proper coaching will not only help you enjoy your game more but help you improve much quicker.
  • Coaching does not have to be done individually. Why not try group coaching?

What we can do?

  1. Initial consultation to establish goals, weaknesses and time commitments.
  2. Video analysis of swing/movement and match play (if required).
  3. Structured/progressive coaching sessions working on technique/tactics and skill development.
  4. Conditioning exercises to improve squash fitness levels.
  5. Advise solo/pairs practice drills to develop technique, skill and movement.


£225 for a block of 10 sessions paid in advance.

All of our personal training and coaching services can be paid for in person or online.