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Welcome to Pure Momentum Fitness where you can discover how we can help you improve general strength and fitness, improve function, overcome injuries and improve vitality. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions about how we can help you achieve your goals. All of our personal training/coaching services can be paid for in person or online.

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5 easy steps to get started

  1. Contact us to arrange your initial consultation
  2. Decide on the ideal package for you
  3. Complete the nutrition and lifestyle questionnaires
  4. Attend your first consultation
  5. Follow the programme and see, feel and experience the results
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Lean and Energised Programme

Optimal Sports Performance Programme

Pain and Stress Management Programme


Fasted Cardio: Greatest Fat Loss Weapon or Tool of Body Destruction? https://thibarmy.com/fasted-cardio-greatest-fat-loss-weapon-tool-body-destruction/ #THIBARMY

To build strength and muscle, as well as avoid injuries, you must train all six patterns.

Does your program include them all?

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