Lean and Energised Programme

Are you always tired and lack energy?

Do you feel too tired to exercise?

Do you wonder why you are overweight despite trying various diets, pills etc?

Frustrated at not being able to do things because of your lack of energy?

Diet and Lifestyle Facts:

  • Losing body fat is not just about calories in versus calories out.
  • Many foods that are touted as healthy can actually increase body fat.
  • Modern processed food and modern lifestyles are the cause of weight gain.
  • Lack of energy can be due to a number of reasons.
  • Doing high intensity/gruelling training for body fat reduction is not always the answer.
  • Most diets do not promote vitality or have sustainable long lasting results.

How we will help you:

  1. Complete a Par Q, a set of nutrition and lifestyle questionnaires and a food diary.
  2. Initial consultation to establish goals. Evaluate the above questionnaires to determine how we can help you.
  3. Consultation also to include detailed measurements – basic biomechanics screening, body fat, circumference measurements, body weight.
  4. Lifestyle and nutritional coaching to include structured/achievable changes.
  5. Coaching on goal setting, relaxation techniques, energy building and other lifestyle factors.
  6. Individualised and periodized programme presented in a manual with dietary and lifestyle suggestions.
  7. 1 or 2 personal training sessions to demonstrate exercises.


Programme prices start from £260.00

All our personal training and manual therapy services can be paid for in person or online.