Restringing Service

We can offer a quick 48 hours stringing service for squash, tennis and badminton rackets in the Guildford area. Rackets can be collected or you may deliver them to an agreed deliver/pickup point. We utilise a wide range of popular, quality string brands and can also order your preferred string. Stringing prices do not include bumper strip replacements or other customisation modifications.

Strings Price
Technifibre 305 £26.00
Ashaway Supernick £23.00
RAB Sensor Fibre £24.00
RAB Reflex Fine £20.00
Luxilon Ali Power £27.00
Prince Synthetic Gut £23.00
Polyester/Synthetic Gut Hybrid £24.00
Yonex BG65 £21.00
Yonex BG80 £23.00
Replace Grips £3.00

Our stringing services can be paid for in person or online.