Sports Massage/Manual Therapy in Guildford and London

Sports Massage/Manual Therapy has many advantages which include:

  • Increases blood flow
  • Improved venous and lymphatic return
  • Stretches muscles fibres and breaks down adhesions
  • Reduces muscle tone and assists with the elimination of toxins
  • Improves joint range of motion

What we can do

  1. Pre and post event massage to enhance performance and assist with recovery
  2. Inter event massage – assist with recovery during a training programme (eg. London marathon)
  3. Deep tissue sports massage – help to improve/relieve common musculoskeletal conditions such as desk posture, lower back pain, planter fasciites and also alleviate symptoms of stress
  4. Massage is also an excellent addition to any corrective exercise programme.
  5. Manual Lymphatic Drainage
  6. Medical Acupuncture/Dry Needling


Price for the package is £60.00 per hour or 3 massages for £165.00

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All our personal training and manual therapy services can be paid for in person or online.